Jewelry In Candles with Christy Rivers

At Jewelry in Candles it's not just a candle, It's a candle with a surprise!
Ever catch yourself wondering what in the world
 to get a picky loved one.
Jewelry in Candles has the perfect 2 in 1 products to 
please even the most hardest to shop for. 
Not only will your hard to please loved one be happy 
with the true to life fragrance of their product. 
 They will also get a surprise piece of jewelry! 
Two gifts for One price.. 
An all natural soy wax product with jewelry inside.
You can can even select your type of jewelry. 
Ring (6,7,8,9), Necklaces, Earrings and etc...
Relax and let the scent of your product induce you into serenity
while waiting for your reveal to show!
 Join in on all the excitement!
Your loved ones & you deserve something special, so treat your loved ones yourself  to Jewelry In Candles!

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