Are you interested in earning more money at your own pace and time

Are you interested in starting your very own business? 
Do you Love candles? Do you love Jewelry? 

Have you considered becoming a Rep at Jewelry In Candles? 

Join the Jewelry In Candles team and you will immediately receive a personalized eCommerce store and can start earning income within minutes. The eCommerce store offers you endless income potential and is personalized featuring your picture and social connections. This company has removed all the hard work of earning income by completely automating everything, it has never been easier! You earn  a 40% total commissions from your sales and down-line sales. You will be able to purchase product with a representative discount for inventory or personal sales. Sell product in person and online at anytime. Automated sales, shipping, payments & commissions. Customer orders ship directly to the customer saving you time and money. Monitor your sales and commissions in real-time & get paid bi-monthly.  For $49.95 not only do you get a fabulous ecommerce store; you also get a candle with the jewelry type of your choice, scents samples, and me as your sponsor.

$49.95 Rep Start-Up Kit
Required to become Jewelry In Candles Rep
Start-up Kit Includes:
- Representative eCommerce Store
- 25 Scent Samples (More coming 2014)
- A candle of your choice and your choice of jewelry hidden inside.

What would you be Selling?
Candles and wax tarts that have a hidden surprise piece of jewelry inside! Candles and Tarts are 100% soy wax and the wicks for the candles are lead free. JIC Candles burn for 100 up to 150 hours. Tarts last up to 60 hours fragrance. Scents all have a high quality fragrance that are all very true-to-life smells.
(aroma beads are coming 2014 along with other exciting releases!)

What are the Requirements?
Must be 18 to join. You must be self motivated & self sufficient. If you do not have this experience, I will mentor you. You must follow their code of ethics and represent JIC with common courtesy and professionalism.

Let me know if I can help you in any way or answer any questions you may have. I would be more than happy to help in any way I can and would love to have you on my Jewelry In Candles team!!

Click www.jewelryincandles.com/store/scentswithgifts to sign-up today.

We believe to truly represent the passion we put into our products, you have to experience them for yourself.

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