Jewelry In Candles Reveals From Customers and Reps

The scents are bold and mouth watering. 
These products are 100% Soy Wax, safe for 
the environment of your home or office space. 
After prepping the glass jars with the free hidden jewelry. 
They are filled and left to harden for 4 hours then 
each scented product is re-topped off with a smooth finish. 
Jewelry In Candles company goal and main purpose was 
to offer a candle that lasted longer,
smelled better and a healthier alternative to paraffin.
 They start with 100% soy wax that burns clean and
 is safe for the environment, then added 
high quality fragrances to make the products irresistible. 
We have a wide array of unique scents available, 
and continue to keep researching and 
expanding our scent offerings to you. 
 Jewelry In Candles dedicates a great deal of time,
 attention and passion to ensure that each  product
 that comes to you is exquisite in quality.
 For an excellent price, 
you can enjoy the
 luminosity and fragrance
 that is sure to 
consume and embrace
 you into tranquility. 

Below are photo's from recent Jewelry In Candles reveals from sales representatives and customers.
 Rings (6,7,8,9), Necklaces, Earrings!




All reveals are from Jewelry In Candles Reps and Customers. Permission was given to use.

Does JIC ship product international. YES.- Unless your specific county has a trade embargo with the USA then we cannot ship.

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