January's Sales are 25%off Scent of the Month and.......

...Baby Powder!

Jewelry In Candles deal for the month is 25% off.

Relish the scent voted favorite by customers!

Soft and sweet, fresh and clean, this powdery scent evokes
 memories of cradling your little ones.
This baby powder fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, 
including Cedar wood, Patchouli and Ylang Ylang.

Full size 21oz Baby Powder jewelry candle -
 100% all natural Soy candle that burns for 100 to 150 hours. 
Jewelry hidden in every candle. (Rings(6,7,8,9), Necklaces, Earrings)
Price: $18.71

Jumbo 5.5oz package of 6 Baby Powder wax tarts
100% all natural soy wax tart that lasts up to 60 hours fragrance.
Perfect for your tart warmer, candle warmer, potpourri pot.
Jewelry hidden in every package of scented wax tarts.
Price: $11.97

Buy 3, Get 1 FREE!
How to take advantage of this Months deal
Shop Jewelry In Candles this January 2014.
Add 4 candles OR 4 tarts to you cart.
(different scents are okay but product has to be the same) 
*excludes Scent Of the Month*
Upon Checkout Menu Enter Coupon Code: JicLovesSnow to get your 4th candle Free.


Jewelry In Candles Questions and Answers!

What do the Candles and Tarts Look Like?

Photo below

What size is the Candle and Tarts?
Full size 21oz jewelry candle - 100% all natural soy candle burns for 100 to 150 hours.
Jumbo 5.5oz package of 6 scented wax tarts - 100% all natural soy wax tart. Up to 60 hours of fragrance.

What Scents are available?
  1. Winter Pine 
  2. Pumpkin 
  3. Unscented 
  4. Frankincense & Myrrh 
  5. Christmas Wreath 
  6. Strawberry 
  7. Day at the Spa 
  8. Cotton Candy 
  9. Vanilla 
  10. Cinnamon 
  11. Banana Nut Bread 
  12. Island Hibiscus 
  13. Honeydew Melon 
  14. Merry Mistletoe 
  15. Apple Harvest 
  16. Lavender 
  17. Birthday Cake 
  18. Baby Powder 
  19. Honey Suckle 
  20. Hazelnut Coffee 
  21. Clean Cotton 
  22. Pecan Pie 
  23. Black Cherry 
  24. Chocolate Fudge 
  25. Watermelon

Is the jewelry found in every scented product?
Yes. Jewelry is hidden inside every scented product.

What Jewelry Type can be picked?
Rings (size 6,7,8,9) 

Jewelry Value
The jewelry found in our candles will range from $10 to several thousand dollars. You will discover jewelry ranging from .925 silver plated or gold plated jewelry some with stones made from cubic zirconium or other materials. As the value of the jewelry you discover increases you will find titanium jewelry, solid sterling silver, solid yellow gold and solid white gold and may include real diamonds, rubies or other precious jewels.Bonus Prizes...For even more excitement, we have bonus jewelry candles identical to every other candle, that could arrive in your order containing hi-tech electronics, gift cards, vacations and other grand prizes yet to be announced. These candles will have a certificate with instructions how to redeem your prize.

Where can I see the jewelry that is included in the candle?
The jewelry is random, you never know what you will receive other than the type of jewelry you specify (ring size, earring or necklace). We are always ordering new jewelry. Every jewelry order we will choose hundreds of different designs, ordering hundreds of each one. The jewelry is placed randomly in all the candles, tarts and beads. We do not repeat jewelry orders for at least 6 months to minimize duplicate jewelry being found.

Can I receive duplicate jewelry?
Yes. It is always a possibility. If you order several products at the same time, inevitability some customers will receive duplicate jewelry. We are working on a custom program, that will tell us is a product being pulled for an order, contains jewelry that has already been received by a customer. When complete, this will allow us to always guarantee a new discovery. If you would like to mail back the duplicate jewelry we will replace it for you. The shipping here will be at your expense, we will ship it back at our expense. Please include your order number.

Does Jewelry In Candles jewelry contain NICKEL?
Yes. All .925 sterling silver contains nickel and copper. It is 92.5% silver and 7.5% nickel and copper, unless it is specified as nickel free. We do not guarantee nickel free as we offer a wide variety of jewelry including plate, gold, titanium and other metals.

Why does we ship USPS?
JIC ships by ALL packages by USPS Priority Mail (3 days). If they ship economy mail, the candles have longer exposure to heat in the vehicle and a greater chance of sweating leading to customer complaints about sweating candles. SOY wax melts at a much lower temperature that paraffin wax. At 85 - 90 degrees soy wax will begin to sweat and run slightly but the sweat will dry when the candles is returned to a cool room. There is NO solution to keep soy candles from sweating, except winter weather. Soy wax products are the safest and cleanest burning candles or wax melt products available.

What are Shipping Rates Outside the USA?
JIC has shipping enable for most all countries. We charge our exact price for shipping fees, the rates come directly from USPS.

Does JIC do Shipping to APO Addresses:
JIC has shipping enabled to APO addresses

What are Shipping Rates Inside the USA?
We have priced shipping with all the major carriers and USPS is giving us the best pricing. We charge our exact cost for shipping.
Does JIC ship product international.
YES. Unless your specific county has a trade embargo with the USA then we cannot ship.

USPS has (8) shipping zones with a different flat rate for each zone


Zone Chart

We use 2 different flat rate regional boxes from USPS.  

- Box A up to 4 pounds of our products,
 Prices box A: Zone 1)$5.32  (2)$5.32  (3)$5.44  (4)$5.84  (5)$7.48   (6)$8.19  (7)$8.90  (8)$9.88

- Box B up to 9 pounds of our products.
Prices box B: Zone 1)$6.16   (2)$6.16   (3)$7.36   (4)$8.47   (5)$11.16  (6)$13.25   (7)$14.29 (8)$16.13

As you add products to your order, JIC's system automatically detects if you need an A or B box, and how many of each. USPS charges a flat rate for each box depending on what zone you are located.

To get the best value for your shipping cost, JIC listed below each product and the shipping weight.
- Candle: 3 pounds (each)
- Package Wax Tarts: 1 pound (each)
- Scent Beads: 2 pounds (each)
Where do I place my order?


If I live outside the USA can I become a Rep?
YES. - Unless your specific county has a trade embargo with the USA, then you cannot sign up and we cannot pay you.

Can I work for other companies while working for JIC?
Yes but with exception. We want you to be wildly successful and we understand it takes some time to begin generating income to support your family. You are permitted to work a full or part time job or work for other network marketing companies like Mary Kay, Scentsy, Avon and many more, while building your JIC business. The exception: You are not permitted to work for companies offering the same products as JIC - specifically companies offering "Jewelry hidden in scented products". You can leave your current company and join JIC, but working both at the same time will be a conflict of interest. If you believe there is a conflict of interest, please ask us immediately so we can validate whether or not you can be a Rep for JIC. Thank you and welcome to our team.

How much is it to become a rep?
This $49.95 product purchase is required to become a JIC Rep. There are no other setup or monthly fees required to join, or to continue being a JIC rep.

What is included in the Rep Start Up Kit?
Representative kit Includes:
- Representative eCommerce Store
- Current 25 Scent Samples
- A candle of your choice

What are the Requirements to become a rep?
You must be 18 to join. You must be self motivated, self sufficient, professional, have sales and/or recruiting experience. If you do not have this experience, find a sponsor in our organization to mentor you. You must follow our code of ethics and represent JIC with common courtesy and professionalism. More info can be found in the Get Started section after you join.
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Are you interested in earning more money at your own pace and time

Are you interested in starting your very own business? 
Do you Love candles? Do you love Jewelry? 

Have you considered becoming a Rep at Jewelry In Candles? 

Join the Jewelry In Candles team and you will immediately receive a personalized eCommerce store and can start earning income within minutes. The eCommerce store offers you endless income potential and is personalized featuring your picture and social connections. This company has removed all the hard work of earning income by completely automating everything, it has never been easier! You earn  a 40% total commissions from your sales and down-line sales. You will be able to purchase product with a representative discount for inventory or personal sales. Sell product in person and online at anytime. Automated sales, shipping, payments & commissions. Customer orders ship directly to the customer saving you time and money. Monitor your sales and commissions in real-time & get paid bi-monthly.  For $49.95 not only do you get a fabulous ecommerce store; you also get a candle with the jewelry type of your choice, scents samples, and me as your sponsor.

$49.95 Rep Start-Up Kit
Required to become Jewelry In Candles Rep
Start-up Kit Includes:
- Representative eCommerce Store
- 25 Scent Samples (More coming 2014)
- A candle of your choice and your choice of jewelry hidden inside.

What would you be Selling?
Candles and wax tarts that have a hidden surprise piece of jewelry inside! Candles and Tarts are 100% soy wax and the wicks for the candles are lead free. JIC Candles burn for 100 up to 150 hours. Tarts last up to 60 hours fragrance. Scents all have a high quality fragrance that are all very true-to-life smells.
(aroma beads are coming 2014 along with other exciting releases!)

What are the Requirements?
Must be 18 to join. You must be self motivated & self sufficient. If you do not have this experience, I will mentor you. You must follow their code of ethics and represent JIC with common courtesy and professionalism.

Let me know if I can help you in any way or answer any questions you may have. I would be more than happy to help in any way I can and would love to have you on my Jewelry In Candles team!!

Click www.jewelryincandles.com/store/scentswithgifts to sign-up today.

We believe to truly represent the passion we put into our products, you have to experience them for yourself.

WHY I Choose Jewelry In Candles?

I joined as, Full Time Work at Home, Representative of Jewelry In Candles because they have outstanding products, that I know are remarkably pleasing. We have 100% soy wax candles burns for 100 to 150 hours, the wicks are lead free, the large 21oz glass jar is perfect for holding your cotton balls or loose change when your candles is finished. We also have, jumbo wax tarts for tart warmers that last up to 60 hrs of brilliant fragrance. Coming soon we will also have aroma beads that you can place in your car, drawers, bathroom and many other spaces. The unique thing about our products is... that each scented product has a jewelry surprise hidden inside as our gift to you. I love that Jewelry In Candles has a wide array of fragrances available, and continues to keep exploring and expanding scent offerings to us. As a Rep of Jewelry in Candles; the best thing is; you get a ecommerce store immediately after signing up, so you can get started earning income fast. On top of that when you sign up to join you also get a Rep kit, that includes a Candle with the jewelry type of your choice, all scent samples and your ecommerce store. I love that we can purchase product with a representative discount for inventory & personal sales. We earn 40% total commissions from our own sales and downline sales. Jewelry In Candles also provides their reps with coupon codes to lower the cost of
our products for your customers.
I have tons of FUN working with this Amazing Candle Company!


More Jewelry Reveals

Recent Reveals from Jewelry In Candles 
Customers and Representatives.
Rings, Necklaces and Earrings.
Congrats on your new reveals!

Rings Reveals (6,7,8 & 9)

Necklace Reveals

Earring Reveals

Aren't they adorable! 
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Jewelry In Candles Candle Or TART Limited Edition. Your Valentines Day sweet heart will love this 2 in 1 gift!

Love Potion Candle & Tarts (Expiring Soon)
Candles Price: $29.95

Celebrate Valentine's Day with your loved one
 with this limited edition jewelry candle. 

Tart Price: $15.95 
Buy 4 Get One Free!
Jewelry In Candles  Love Potion 
Tarts & Candles

A full size 21oz,, 100% soy wax candle with hand hidden jewelry.  

A appetizing mixture of 
cherry blossom, citrus, hydrangea, 
apple and peach with 
natural essential oils,
including Orange and Grapefruit. 

Scent is similar to Victoria's Secret-Love Spell fragrance.
Perfect way to say Celebrate
 this Valentine's day!

Jewelry hidden inside is Valentine themed.
Your choice of Necklace or Earrings.


Perfect Birthday Gift for you loved ones.

My fave 2 in 1 gift that capture any birthday loved ones heart.

100% soy wax that burns clean and is safe for the environment with
premium fragrances added to make these candles simply irresistible.

A large variety of scented candles are among the finest you will find,

each with a free jewelry surprise hidden inside!  

Yes, Candles and Jewelry, isn't that awesome!!!

Your Birthday Loved one will enjoy the long lasting aroma of their candle 

while discovering their hidden surprise.
Even MORE...... bonus jewelry candles could arrive in the order containing hi-tech electronics, gift cards, vacations and other awesome prizes.

Your Birthday Love 
one will surely be



Jewelry In Candles Reveals From Customers and Reps

The scents are bold and mouth watering. 
These products are 100% Soy Wax, safe for 
the environment of your home or office space. 
After prepping the glass jars with the free hidden jewelry. 
They are filled and left to harden for 4 hours then 
each scented product is re-topped off with a smooth finish. 
Jewelry In Candles company goal and main purpose was 
to offer a candle that lasted longer,
smelled better and a healthier alternative to paraffin.
 They start with 100% soy wax that burns clean and
 is safe for the environment, then added 
high quality fragrances to make the products irresistible. 
We have a wide array of unique scents available, 
and continue to keep researching and 
expanding our scent offerings to you. 
 Jewelry In Candles dedicates a great deal of time,
 attention and passion to ensure that each  product
 that comes to you is exquisite in quality.
 For an excellent price, 
you can enjoy the
 luminosity and fragrance
 that is sure to 
consume and embrace
 you into tranquility. 

Below are photo's from recent Jewelry In Candles reveals from sales representatives and customers.
 Rings (6,7,8,9), Necklaces, Earrings!




All reveals are from Jewelry In Candles Reps and Customers. Permission was given to use.

Does JIC ship product international. YES.- Unless your specific county has a trade embargo with the USA then we cannot ship.

Relaxing Scents

Feeling stressed? Want to a unique way to relax? 
Let these calming scents fill your home with the soothing 
aroma of peace and tranquility.
 The jewelry hidden inside is our gift to you.

Tranquility Collection
Tranquility jewelry candle collection includes Day At The Spa, Lavender and Vanilla candles.

Perfect Home Collection
Fresh Home jewelry candle collection includes Baby Powder, Clean Cotton and Lavender candles

Separate Scents
(My Fave)
Infused with natural lemon, neroli, and petitgrain essential oils.

 Island Hibiscus
Infused with natural essential oils, including Orange, Patchouli, Violet Leaves, Jasmine, Neroli, Mimosa and Sandalwood

 Baby Powder
Fresh, clean, and powdery, this dreamy scent evokes memories of cradling your little ones.

 Clean Cotton
With notes of citrus, floral, and soft musk, this candle is sure to become a favorite of yours!

 Day At The Spa
Enjoy a spa-like aromatherapy scent guaranteed to create the perfect oasis for your senses

Luxurious invitation to well-being with this soft and soothing scent.

A classic scent that calls to mind the warm memories of home, comfort, and family.

Candles: $24.95 Tarts: $15.95 Aroma Beads: Coming Soon


Bellashoot Giveaway MakeUp and Beauty Supplies Review

Welcome to my first review. I recently was announced a winner in a BellaShoot giveaway. "Holiday Gift Basket!" Feel free to check it out here: http://bellashoot.com/p/18611 This giveaway included 10 amazing beauty products including the BH Cosmetics San Francisco palette, NARS famous Orgasm nail polish (it even made Oprah's beauty bests list), Urban Decay's Eye shadow - Sin, Lash Love's Milan Catwalk Faux Mink Eyelashes (cruelty-free), Z-palette (every MUA's must-have), NYX Butter Lip Balm to keep them kissable all year long, Makeup Geek Pigment - Insomnia, Beautisol's Tea Tan Glow Wash-Off Body Bronzer with a mitt for easy application, NYX Love In Florence Eye shadow Palette & last but not least a SEPHORA by OPI Jewelry Top Coat Set which included 4 beautiful shades of polish. I'm so excited to have won these beauty supplies and given the opportunity to reviews these products.

Here's My review of each product I received:

BH Cosmetics San Francisco Palette
Super cute, small sturdy compact that comes with a mirror. Great for on the go. The colors go on lightly with a primer but with a primer these color pop out tremendously. I provided a few photos below where I used these product without a primer. I loved it very nice light smooth tones.

NARS nail polish-Orgasm
This nail polish is a gorgeous peachy-pink shimmer formula in a cute mini bottle. It came with a very cute black with white lettering NARS bag. The formula goes on smooth with no streaks. I do suggest doing more then two layers. With each layer the drying time gets longer. Took about 25 minutes for all layers to dry. Over all I love the nail polish. It also makes a beautiful top layer on a red base.

Urban Decay's Eye shadow- Sin
OMG! I love this color. The shimmer in this product I absolutely love. It very easy to over do it with this one. Ha ha. Prefect for highlighting. I could use this eye shadow everyday!

Las Love's Milan Faux Minx Eyelashes. 
(No glue at the moment to do review)

Love the pink case. Didn't expect it to be that big. Very study casing can't wait to start filling it up.

NYX Butter Lip Balm- Red Velvet
I love the fragrance and color NYX butter Red Velvet lip balm. It goes on smooth, long lasting color and my lips stay moisturized for hours.

Makeup Geek Pigment - Insomnia
This is my first Makeup Geek Eye shadow. The eye shadow pigment I got to review is Insomnia. The color is outstanding in color. Light weight, Goes on dark, Easily bendable and there this beautiful shimmery blue tint when you eyes hit light. I see myself purchasing more makeup geek pigments in my future.

Beautisol's Tea Tan Glow Wash-Off Body Bronzer with a mitt
 (Haven't got to try going to wait until summer 2014) The mitt is perfect for applying. It came inside a white sachet with the mitt and a 4fl. oz. Tea Coloring Instant Bronzer bottle.

NYX Love In Florence Eyeshadow Palette 
5 high pigment purple eye shadows and a duo applicator for easy application. The pigments ranges from shimmery to matte finishes that blends flawlessly together. Perfect for creating a smoky look.

SEPHORA by OPI Jewelry Top Coat Set 
Colors: Sugar Plum Fairies Gone Wild, Glisten to your Heart, Are you Glistenin, I’m So Sari
This set is jewelry inspired set. Each formula has small and large glitter. Very nice top coat to add sparkle to your nails. Formula goes on smoothly with no streaks. Lots of nail polish are runny these are not. I had no issues applying them to my nails. Definitely will recommend to my friends.

Visit Christy's Bellashoot profile to learn more and products, tutorials and more... http://bellashoot.com/u/christylrivers