Dessert Scents

Indulge in your favorites desserts without the calories.
 Enjoy these delicious aromas of dessert 
without the mess of baking!
 Simply light your candles, tarts, or aroma beads and 
your home will fill with the mouthwatering scents
 of creamy milk chocolate, 
sticky cinnamon buns dripping with icing and
 creamy vanilla birthday cake, 
along with many other flavorsome scents.

Dessert Scents
Guilty Pleasures Collection

Guilty Pleasure jewelry candle collection includes Birthday Cake, 
Chocolate Fudge and Cinnamon Bun candles

Separate Scents
 Banana Nut Bread
 Combining walnuts, ripe banana, vanilla, and a touch of spice; this scent is sure to spark your appetite!

 Birthday Cake
 Buttery, creamy, and vanilla notes make our "cake" irresistible....and fat free!

 Chocolate Fudge
Rich scent of creamy milk chocolate, leaving your mouth watering

This Cinnamon fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, 
including cinnamon, cinnamon bark, clove, and nutmeg.

 Cotton Candy 
With sugary strawberry and sweet vanilla notes, this scent is sure to hit a sweet tooth!

Simply vanilla, simply astonishing!

Candles: $24.95 Tarts: $15.95 Aroma Beads: Coming Soon

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