Fruit Scents

Luxurious scents with a touch of modern flair. 
Our fruit inspired flavors infuse any room with
 evocative scents that last for hours and
 bring the comfort of "home" to any space.

Fresh Fruit Collection
Our Fresh Fruit jewelry candle collection includes 
Black Cherry, Apple Harvest and Strawberry candles.

Separate Scents
 Apple Harvest
This apple fragrance is infused with natural cedar-wood, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, orange, and cedar-wood essential oils.

 Black Cherry
The delicious sweetness of rich, ripe black cherries that will envelope your home... It's all that you love about black cherries without the pits!

 Honeydew Melon
Cool slices of "fresh off the vine" sun-kissed melon, delivered right from this scent, to your candle!

The juicy sweet scent of handpicked strawberries, with a touch of vanilla cream

Everything there is to love about watermelon inside a candle...ripe, fresh-cut, juicy... 
even with a hint of bubble gum scent!

Candles: $24.95 Tarts: $15.95 Aroma Beads: Coming Soon

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