Relaxing Scents

Feeling stressed? Want to a unique way to relax? 
Let these calming scents fill your home with the soothing 
aroma of peace and tranquility.
 The jewelry hidden inside is our gift to you.

Tranquility Collection
Tranquility jewelry candle collection includes Day At The Spa, Lavender and Vanilla candles.

Perfect Home Collection
Fresh Home jewelry candle collection includes Baby Powder, Clean Cotton and Lavender candles

Separate Scents
(My Fave)
Infused with natural lemon, neroli, and petitgrain essential oils.

 Island Hibiscus
Infused with natural essential oils, including Orange, Patchouli, Violet Leaves, Jasmine, Neroli, Mimosa and Sandalwood

 Baby Powder
Fresh, clean, and powdery, this dreamy scent evokes memories of cradling your little ones.

 Clean Cotton
With notes of citrus, floral, and soft musk, this candle is sure to become a favorite of yours!

 Day At The Spa
Enjoy a spa-like aromatherapy scent guaranteed to create the perfect oasis for your senses

Luxurious invitation to well-being with this soft and soothing scent.

A classic scent that calls to mind the warm memories of home, comfort, and family.

Candles: $24.95 Tarts: $15.95 Aroma Beads: Coming Soon

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