WHY I Choose Jewelry In Candles?

I joined as, Full Time Work at Home, Representative of Jewelry In Candles because they have outstanding products, that I know are remarkably pleasing. We have 100% soy wax candles burns for 100 to 150 hours, the wicks are lead free, the large 21oz glass jar is perfect for holding your cotton balls or loose change when your candles is finished. We also have, jumbo wax tarts for tart warmers that last up to 60 hrs of brilliant fragrance. Coming soon we will also have aroma beads that you can place in your car, drawers, bathroom and many other spaces. The unique thing about our products is... that each scented product has a jewelry surprise hidden inside as our gift to you. I love that Jewelry In Candles has a wide array of fragrances available, and continues to keep exploring and expanding scent offerings to us. As a Rep of Jewelry in Candles; the best thing is; you get a ecommerce store immediately after signing up, so you can get started earning income fast. On top of that when you sign up to join you also get a Rep kit, that includes a Candle with the jewelry type of your choice, all scent samples and your ecommerce store. I love that we can purchase product with a representative discount for inventory & personal sales. We earn 40% total commissions from our own sales and downline sales. Jewelry In Candles also provides their reps with coupon codes to lower the cost of
our products for your customers.
I have tons of FUN working with this Amazing Candle Company!

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