Jewelry reveal from my banana nut bread tart.

 My husband got me a banana nut bread tart for Valentines day. I love this scent, along with many other mouth watering scents. The true to life scent life my mouth watering for hours. I expected it to be a strong scent throw that I wouldn't be able to take like other Banana nut bread candles and tarts, but this scent was a softer approach which I love! The tart was easy to split in half since it's soy wax a much softer was then most.  So here some pictures of my reveal
Waiting for the cube with the hidden jewelry to melt

My reveal is showing the soy was is almost completely melted

JIC (Jewelry In Candles) stamped

How adorable is this ring!  I love it and my tart!

In my opinion... This product is wroth the money. They tarts and candle last what seems like forever. I burn candles all the time and most the ones I used to buy left a nasty black soot that JIC's don't do. The other non-JIC candles and tarts didn't last but a few days max for me. I'm still on my first cube now for 6 hours straight and still can smell it. Guaranteed  JIC Rep and Customer for life!

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The story of JIC's journey so far.....

I am so happy to be a part of this company.   J.I.C. just turned a year old & has shown tremendous growth with the help of you, our customer's. We just finished tackling a huge back delay of December orders and finished all of January's. Will not be much long they will have every order caught up and shipped within 5 days. While tackling the huge pile of order's, JIC continued to release Limited edition candle and tarts and lowered the sign up cost to become a rep, so you get the best possible price for current scent samples and eCommerce store. No monthly charges or quotas. This company cares so much able their reps and customer. They go the extra mile most would not take. With this company there is so much room to grow and we are. With new products, new marketing materials and help,  updated pages, Deals you can't resist. Keep your eyes peeled...so much more unique things coming......

Please watch this short clip below from Jewelry In Candles, about their story.
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Update: New CANDLES Release 02/13/2014 at 7pmEST!

Tranquility Layered Candle
*2000 ONLY*
A perfect blend of your three favorite scents.
Top- Day at the Spa
Middle- Vanilla
Bottom- Lavender
JIC layered candles have 3 independent layers, each with a distinct scent and color. Experience each layer of scent for dozens of hours. Anticipate the surprise transition scent as the layers blend together to form exciting new smells and colors.
(Rings 6,7,8,9, Necklaces, Earrings)

*2000 ONLY*
Large limited edition 21oz scented candle.
100% all natural Soy candle with lead free wick.
Burns for 100 to 150 hours.
Includes 1 piece of men's jewelry hidden inside
(Rings 9,10,11,12)
Money Clips and Tie Clips releasing at a later date.

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February Scent of the Month

Indulge without the calories in this month Scent of the Month - voted by customers.
Chocolate Fudge

Enjoy the creamy milk chocolate fragrance and the excitement 
of revealing your surprise at a 25% OFF discount!
No coupon code needed. 
Visit Christy Rivers Store and add the 
Scent of the Month items you would like to add to you cart. 
You even get to select what jewelry type (Rings 6,7,8,9, Necklaces, Earrings)
Discount is taken off automatically to save you time!
Large 21 oz. jewelry candles last up to 150 hours, made with natural soy and lead free wick! 
CANDLES-  was: $24.95
Jumbo jewelry tarts last up to 60 hours of fragrance time. 
TARTS-  was: $15.95
Chocolate Fudge Scent of the Month sale ends 02/28/14


My Honeysuckle Jewelry Reveal & Review from Jewelry In Candles

 I went to visit my mother today & she gave me my late Christmas gift. My gift was a Jewelry In Candles Honeysuckle Tart. As soon as I opened the package, I was hit with the honeysuckle fragrance that I have searched for in other candles for many of years. The scent was true to life. There was 6 square shaped jumbo tarts in the package &I could see which cube that had the jewelry hidden inside. (Middle one on the left) I couldn't wait to get home & put it in my tart warmer. Meanwhile, at my mother's, I was able to watch her reveal her black cherry tart surprise; while enjoying the pleasant aroma of black cherry that filled her home. I couldn't wait anymore I had to go home can and show off my present to my husband. As soon as I got home, I started melting down my tart with the surprise inside. My husband & I hovered over it poking &playing around with the soy wax. Which made my hands very soft and honeysuckle scented.  My husband was very pleased with the scent and is ready for more. Big Thumbs up to JIC. 

Honeysuckle tart melting in warmer
It didn't take long for the fragrance to fill my 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom home & my reveal to start showing. I flipped the tart over with my finger to melt down the other side of the tart on the foil.  The foil was wrapped very nicely around a plastic bag that had the jewelry surprise sealed inside. The aluminum foil is there to help protect the flame from melting the plastic bag & jewelry. The sealed bag did a great job keeping the soy wax from the getting on the jewelry. 

After wiping off the wax with a paper towel I could easily get into the little baggie. My mother had a little issues with hers, so she just cut the sealed part of the plastic bag off with a pair scissors. Your hands will get slippery so before handling your jewelry rub the wax in on your hands or wash it off it soap and warm water so you don't leave prints all over your new jewelry.

The reveal is a... Necklace! JIC stamped with two dolphins. I love it, along with the satisfying honeysuckle aroma.  Now I'm on the edge of my seat ready to order. I am hooked on this company's products.

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Layered Tarts LIMITED ONLY 2000 products

Spice Coffee Layered Tart
Natural soy wax tarts with jewelry inside.
A perfect blend of your two favorite scents!
"Cinnamon & Coffee"

Cherry Vanilla Layer Tarts
100% Soy Wax tart with jewelry inside.
A perfect blend of two classic scents.
Black Cherry & Vanilla

Only 2000 each of Layered Scents will be available. These Will Sale Out Quick! 
You get to choose your Jewelry type. (Rings, Necklace, Earrings)

Tip About Layered Tarts:
JIC layered tarts have two independent layers, each with a certain scent and color. Depending on how you place the tart in your warmer, you can allow one scent to release before the other, as the wax melts. Positioning the tart on its side will combine both scents to release at the same time. Watch as the two colors of wax melt and blend together. Have a blast & enjoy!

Sale starts 02/06/2014 at 7:00pm(EST)


World Cancer Day on February 4 2014 is to raise awareness of cancer & to encourage it's prevention, detection, & treatment.  Written in 2008,  World Cancer Day was founded by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) to support the goals of the World Cancer Declaration.  The primary goal of World Cancer Day is to dramatically reduce illness & death caused by cancer by 2020.   


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Myth 1: We don't need to talk about cancer
Truth: Cancer can be a difficult topic to address, particularly in some cultures & settings, dealing with the disease openly can improve outcomes at an individual, community & policy level.

Myth 2: There are no signs or symptoms of cancer
Truth: For many cancers, there is warning signs, symptoms & the benefits of early detection are indisputable

Myth 3: There is nothing I can do about cancer
Truth: There is lots that can be done at an individual, community & policy level, & with right strategies, a third of the most common cancers can be prevented.

Myth 4: I don't have the right to cancer care
Truth: All people have the right to access proven & effective cancer treatments & services on equal terms, & without suffering hardship as a consequence.

To read more on this about these 4 Myths (Click Here)