Jewelry In Candles Representative Kit Review and Jewelry Reveal

My order arrived! I got my rep kit, candle & three tarts in today. I love these products. I can't stop going back to the scent samples. HaHa...
I got A Candle *Island Hibiscus*, Tarts *Two Banana Nut bread, One Lavender", and 25 scent samples. Even my pups love the products.
Everything came packaged perfectly. I have enough bubble wrap to play with for days now. Inside the Big box was three small white boxes. One with my Candle, the second with three tarts, and the last all 25 scent samples. It even had a pink paper inside with my order info and the sign off to who packaged the product. I now have started a list of My fave scents out of the 25. They are smells great but these are my top fave scents.......
Cotton Candy
The Gentlemen
Island Hibiscus
Birthday Cake
Clean Cotton
Pecan Pie
Honeydew Melon
Black Cherry
Banana Nut Bread
Apple Harvest

Now waiting for Banana Nut tart to melt down for my Surprise Reveal.
Will do a reveal and review post soon. :)

UPDATE:  REVEAL POSTED BELOW. I Love it!  Many of compliments also :) Thanks JIC.
Click Photo Above to View More Jewelry Reveals

The unique thing about JIC's products is..... there is jewelry hidden inside. That's right jewelry hidden safely inside the product! SO much fun lingering over your candle or tart, melting away in its consuming scent, awaiting for the foil to show. I love the reveals. There is a wide arrange of jewelry and there could even be a bonus message inside with your reveal!

Here's a few picture's below of my order...

Order Included:
25 current JIC scent samples
2 Banana nut bread tarts *1 with Necklace, 1 with Size 6 Ring*
1 Lavender tart *Necklace inside*
1 Island Hibiscus Candle *Necklace inside*

My Little Babies (Pets) Review:

I have a huge love for my two dogs. I noticed not to long ago with many other types of scented candles and tart these to little guys start to sneeze a lot more then they should. Soy wax is a healthier alternative to paraffin and many other wax types. Although some soy wax candle may seem like a healthier alternative; some have harsh chemicals and lead wicks. At Jewelry In Candles. There is a much less worry with those dangers at JIC.  We started with 100% soy wax that burns clean and is safe for the environment. Then, added premium fragrances to make our candles, tarts, and aroma beads simply irresistible. Even the wick is lead free. Instead of being selfish and picking my favorite scents to order next.  My husband and pets joined in on the decision making.
 My babies have approved of these products!  My Island Hibiscus candle and many other JIC scents!

Homie, my Yorkie mix is a huge fan of the chocolate fudge scent. He nearly devoured it! Haha...
Bandit, my husband's dachshund beagle mix, is a huge fan of  floral scents.  I'm happy to say we are all happy with these products and to have found a safer scented product for my family to enjoy.

Ready to start your collection today at..... (Scents With Gifts)

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