Jewelry reveal from my banana nut bread tart.

 My husband got me a banana nut bread tart for Valentines day. I love this scent, along with many other mouth watering scents. The true to life scent life my mouth watering for hours. I expected it to be a strong scent throw that I wouldn't be able to take like other Banana nut bread candles and tarts, but this scent was a softer approach which I love! The tart was easy to split in half since it's soy wax a much softer was then most.  So here some pictures of my reveal
Waiting for the cube with the hidden jewelry to melt

My reveal is showing the soy was is almost completely melted

JIC (Jewelry In Candles) stamped

How adorable is this ring!  I love it and my tart!

In my opinion... This product is wroth the money. They tarts and candle last what seems like forever. I burn candles all the time and most the ones I used to buy left a nasty black soot that JIC's don't do. The other non-JIC candles and tarts didn't last but a few days max for me. I'm still on my first cube now for 6 hours straight and still can smell it. Guaranteed  JIC Rep and Customer for life!

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