My Honeysuckle Jewelry Reveal & Review from Jewelry In Candles

 I went to visit my mother today & she gave me my late Christmas gift. My gift was a Jewelry In Candles Honeysuckle Tart. As soon as I opened the package, I was hit with the honeysuckle fragrance that I have searched for in other candles for many of years. The scent was true to life. There was 6 square shaped jumbo tarts in the package &I could see which cube that had the jewelry hidden inside. (Middle one on the left) I couldn't wait to get home & put it in my tart warmer. Meanwhile, at my mother's, I was able to watch her reveal her black cherry tart surprise; while enjoying the pleasant aroma of black cherry that filled her home. I couldn't wait anymore I had to go home can and show off my present to my husband. As soon as I got home, I started melting down my tart with the surprise inside. My husband & I hovered over it poking &playing around with the soy wax. Which made my hands very soft and honeysuckle scented.  My husband was very pleased with the scent and is ready for more. Big Thumbs up to JIC. 

Honeysuckle tart melting in warmer
It didn't take long for the fragrance to fill my 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom home & my reveal to start showing. I flipped the tart over with my finger to melt down the other side of the tart on the foil.  The foil was wrapped very nicely around a plastic bag that had the jewelry surprise sealed inside. The aluminum foil is there to help protect the flame from melting the plastic bag & jewelry. The sealed bag did a great job keeping the soy wax from the getting on the jewelry. 

After wiping off the wax with a paper towel I could easily get into the little baggie. My mother had a little issues with hers, so she just cut the sealed part of the plastic bag off with a pair scissors. Your hands will get slippery so before handling your jewelry rub the wax in on your hands or wash it off it soap and warm water so you don't leave prints all over your new jewelry.

The reveal is a... Necklace! JIC stamped with two dolphins. I love it, along with the satisfying honeysuckle aroma.  Now I'm on the edge of my seat ready to order. I am hooked on this company's products.

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