The story of JIC's journey so far.....

I am so happy to be a part of this company.   J.I.C. just turned a year old & has shown tremendous growth with the help of you, our customer's. We just finished tackling a huge back delay of December orders and finished all of January's. Will not be much long they will have every order caught up and shipped within 5 days. While tackling the huge pile of order's, JIC continued to release Limited edition candle and tarts and lowered the sign up cost to become a rep, so you get the best possible price for current scent samples and eCommerce store. No monthly charges or quotas. This company cares so much able their reps and customer. They go the extra mile most would not take. With this company there is so much room to grow and we are. With new products, new marketing materials and help,  updated pages, Deals you can't resist. Keep your eyes peeled...so much more unique things coming......

Please watch this short clip below from Jewelry In Candles, about their story.
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