A little about myself.

I don't share much about me here... but I would love for you all to get to know me as a real person as well as I would love to get to know you all also. one of my favorite this to do is take photos. Most of my photos consist of pets, wild animals, the sky, flowers and babies and occasionally people. One of my passions and biggest goals are to go to school for photography and be so goo that I can have my own studio.  I currently don't have a super fancy professional rated camera but here what I used to capture these images of  THE LIFE OF MY BACKYARD:  Kodak Easyshare z980 and Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH24    

Deer come up almost every morning and evening to eat.
I toss out corn at least twice a week and placed a salt block
close to the wood line for them to enjoy. 
These furry fellows started showing up this year (2014)
My husband and I have counted  6 so far.
A few have gotten brave and started
to come closer to the backdoor.  
Evening Storm coming in. (Spring 2014)
One of my favorites.  Mother and Child.
I sat a watch them mother chase away
both males so her baby could come eat.
The Beginning of Spring 2014
Once I started tossing out corn to the deer, birds started to come around also.
They need food too! :)
The ONLY Male I have been able to capture. 
These two have stolen my heart.  Meet Bandit and Homie.  Both rescues.   

That it for now. I hope you enjoyed getting to know a 
little something about myself and my photos.  
If you would like to add me on facebook my profile is: www.facebook.com/ChristyLRivers 
I also have a store that carries Soy Candles and Tarts with jewelry hidden inside. I am personally addicted to these products, I love them: www.scentswithgifts.com 

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