Awesome News from JIC

 *Cold Packs*

We have implemented a new *optional* service to help protect your products in areas of the country with higher temperatures. You now have the option to add an 8 ounce reusable cold pack to your order(s) for $1.00 each. This option will be available year round since we have reps and customers world wide. We suggest that you utilize this option if you live in an area that reaches higher temperatures in spring and summer seasons. You will need to determine, based on your order size and location, just how many you think you will need. For example, if you live in an area where the temperatures reach 100 plus degrees it will be beneficial for you to add a cold pack per product you order. If you live in an area where the temperatures reach 80 or so, you may only require one cold pack per box. If you have not experienced sweating or melting issues, you may not need any cold packs!!!

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