Celebrate Labor Day with Jewelry In Candles. Buy 3 Tarts - Get 1 Free!

Celebrate Labor Day with Jewelry In Candles.
*One piece of jewelry included in each tart package*
That's 4 tart and 4 pieces of jewelry! 
Sale starts this Friday at 11:59pm Est to Monday 11:59pm Est. at www.scentswithgifts.com 

How the Labor Day Sale Works: 
Add 4 tarts of your choice and don't forget to select the jewelry type (ring, necklace, earrings) to be hidden inside. At checkout menu enter coupon code: LaborDay2014 for sale to work. If you have questions feel free to contact me.


New Scents Releasing at Jewelry In Candles.

Leather: (will have men's & women's jewelry)
Strong, yet luxurious... Spicy, yet sensual... Man enough for him, yet sexy enough that she's going to want to burn it too! Enjoy the warmth of a classic leather scent that is the epitome of rugged masculinity. Top notes of spicy black pepper, with base notes of patchouli.

Candy Shoppe
Gumballs and lollipops and jelly beans, oh my! Light and sugary sweet, Candy Shoppe is a confectionery dream and the perfect cavity-free treat for the sweet tooth in your life! No brushing required!

Releasing Next Week @ www.scentswithgifts.com


Jewelry In Caandles New Scent Release - Atlantic Shore.

 Jewelry In Candles NEW Scent Release! 

Atlantic Shore

What You Get...
  • Full size 21oz scented candle/ Jumbo 5.5oz tarts
  • All natural Soy
  • Candles Burns for 100 to 150 hours. 
  • Tarts last up to 60hrs fragrance
  • Includes a surprise piece of jewelry in every candle and tart package.

Imagine a light, rejuvenating, Atlantic Ocean breeze gently blowing through your hair, as you stroll barefoot along the sandy shoreline through the cool water. The nearby scent of balsam drifts through the air, shielding you in its uplifting, stimulating aroma as you enjoy your peaceful evening walk. Enjoy this experience with the Atlantic Shore candle or tart with leaving your home! 
Infused with natural essential oils.
Order Yours Today @ www.scentswithgifts.com 

Check back soon to see what's coming out next!


Work From Home - Love Jewelry? Love Candles? Want to earn more income?

Why did I join as a Representative of Jewelry In Candles, This helpful & fully devoted company have outstanding products, that provide true to life mouthwatering and relaxing scents with the best customer service in this industry. Every week there is conference calls to keep us in the loop of how the business is running and help train you to be the best of the best sales reps around. I couldn't resist joining after trying the product and seeing all the amazing tools and resources JIC offers reps. I love my team and helping them find a new income revenue that they will love. I enjoying hearing stories of how JIC gave someone more time to spend with their families or how JIC has help pay off the house payment or car payment they were struggling to put a dent in.
What does Jewelry In Candles have....
We have 100% soy wax candles that burn for 100 to 150 hours, the wicks are lead free, the large 21oz glass jar is perfect for holding your cotton balls or loose change when your candle is finished. We also have, jumbo wax tarts for tart warmers that last up to 60 hrs of brilliant fragrance and tea light collections and rep store products. Coming soon we will also have aroma beads that you can place in your car, drawers, bathroom & many other spaces. We continue to release new items throughout the year. The unique thing about our products is that each scented product has a jewelry surprise safely hidden inside the product that you choose~ (Ladies Rings, Necklace, Earrings, Men's Jewelry) I love that Jewelry In Candles has a wide array of fragrances available and continues to keep exploring and expanding scent offerings to us.   As a Rep of Jewelry In Candles you get an eCommerce store immediately after signing up, so you can get started earning income fast. When you sign up to join you also get scent samples, that help sharing the JIC experience with others much easier. You can earn up to 40% total commissions from our own sales and down-line sales. Jewelry In Candles hand hides a surprise jewel (Earrings, Necklace, or Ladies Ring (6,7,8,9) Males Ring (9,10,11,12) inside every scented product.

Join the Jewelry In Candles team for $29.95 and start sharing immediately after joining.
Your Start-Up Kit includes: 
e-Commerce store & Current scents samples

Click Here to Become a JIC Sales Rep Today

Got questions?
Contact me:
Email: rockerchick1747@gmail.com
My Personal Facebook:  www.facebook.com/ChristyLRivers
My Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/scentswithgifts

August 20% off Scents of the Month at JewelryInCandles

August 20% off Scents of the Month! 
That's right! Two Scents of the Month for August!

The Gentlemen Candles and Wax Tarts
(Men's and Woman's Jewelry)

Cotton Candy Candles and Wax Tarts
(Woman's Jewelry)
Shop Scent of The Month at www.scentswithgifts.com


Didn't get to order during THE PRICELESS SALE? No worries, we have extended the sale to 08/08/2014

THE PRICELESS SALE has been extended to Friday (08/08) to 11:59pm at www.scentswithgifts.com 

Order during this sale and get an extra piece of jewelry with every candle and tart purchased! 

Sale Details:
-Your bonus piece of jewelry will be the same as the jewelry type you select 
(Ladies/Men's Ring Size , Necklace, Earrings)
-Bonus piece of jewelry will not be a duplicate piece of jewelry.
-The bonus piece of jewelry will be separately wrapped withing the same order.