Two new release at Jewelry In Candles. One came just in time for the holidays!

Rose Zinfandel 

Like a good wine, this scent is a complex blend of aromas to tickle your taste buds! Light top notes of bergamot, juicy tangerine, and wild red berries give way to a mid note floral blend of freesia, peony rose, strawberry blossom, and just a hint of summer's last honeysuckle. Base notes of vanilla, amber, and woodsy musk anchor this delightful sweet rose' wine scent.

Cinnamon Streusel 

Just in time for the holidays! We took our popular layered tart and simply combined the scents, so you get the perfect blend, every time. The rich, buttery aroma of freshly baked coffee cake with a cinnamon streusel topping is a bakery treat meant to be enjoyed anytime! Infused with natural essential oils, including cinnamon, cinnamon bark, clove, and nutmeg.


Ring Reveal from Fruit Stand Party Tart

Some of you may know how addicting Jewelry In Candles can be.  
Waiting impatiently for the reveal to show is the best part but you can't get enough of the scent offering we offer.  In a previous blog post last year I had stated my favorite scent is HONEYSUCKLE.  Since then JIC has released many of new scents along with representative only products. I was looking though my past post and noticed I have failed to share with you all some of my reveals. I recently had the opportunity to do a Fruit Stand (Rep Only Product) Party Tart reveal and absolutely fell in love with this ring! I wear it every where I go and get many of compliments.  So I couldn't resist sharing this beautiful ring reveal with you all. 
I just love that blue stone. Don't you?!?!
The Ring is a Jewelry In Candles exclusive piece. No worries if you don't know what this means. Let me explain.  Inside some of the jewelry you will see a "JIC" stamp meaning it is a Jewelry In Candles exclusive piece. Many of these jewelry pieces have a higher value then our non-stamped pieces. We have even higher priced jewelry hidden inside. 
Such as .925 , 14K , 10K,  GF(Gold Filled), GE(Gold Plated)

You can check out more jewelry reveals by clicking here---> Reveal Pictures
If you would like to join in on the fun please visit my store at www.scentswithgifts.com and choose any scent you would like to try. Once you have selected a scent you get to choose your favorite jewelry type to be hidden inside (Rings, Necklace, Earrings) Some products even have MEN'S rings too!


Two awesome scents releasing 09/02 at 7pm EST - Candles and Tarts

Releasing Tomorrow 09/02 at 7pm at www.scentswithgifts.com

 Island Coconut Candles & Tarts - (Moderate Scent Throw) 
Be transported to the islands with the top notes of fresh, light scent of coconut so fragrant you can almost taste the firm flesh of this exotic fruit! Middle notes of creamy vanilla and base notes of vanilla rum give it a cool, creamy finish.

 Ocean Breeze Candles & Tarts - (Moderate Scent Throw) 
A refreshingly bright home fragrance perfect for smaller living areas like bathrooms, laundry rooms or anywhere you need a fresh, clean scent! Top notes of apple, melon, orange, and bergamot add a fruity lightness and are balanced out by lavender, bois de rose and herbaceous middle notes. Ocean Breeze finishes strong with base notes of woody violet, musk, and fresh linen.
Get yours tomorrow at 09/02 at 7pm at www.scentswithgifts.com