Two awesome scents releasing 09/02 at 7pm EST - Candles and Tarts

Releasing Tomorrow 09/02 at 7pm at www.scentswithgifts.com

 Island Coconut Candles & Tarts - (Moderate Scent Throw) 
Be transported to the islands with the top notes of fresh, light scent of coconut so fragrant you can almost taste the firm flesh of this exotic fruit! Middle notes of creamy vanilla and base notes of vanilla rum give it a cool, creamy finish.

 Ocean Breeze Candles & Tarts - (Moderate Scent Throw) 
A refreshingly bright home fragrance perfect for smaller living areas like bathrooms, laundry rooms or anywhere you need a fresh, clean scent! Top notes of apple, melon, orange, and bergamot add a fruity lightness and are balanced out by lavender, bois de rose and herbaceous middle notes. Ocean Breeze finishes strong with base notes of woody violet, musk, and fresh linen.
Get yours tomorrow at 09/02 at 7pm at www.scentswithgifts.com

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