Have you been Naughty, or Nice?

Naughty or Nice Candle

PRE-SALE 11/7/14 at 11:59 pm(EST)

About The Layers:
Instead of using regular layering, we chose a brand-new angled layering that makes this candle stand out from the rest! It took a lot of extra time, work, and equipment, but we love the geometric effect, and think you will too! The festive red and green wax complements the custom-designed label perfectly. 

About The Scent:
Strong spruce tree and fir needle scents are enhanced with cedar essential oils for a woodsy combination so reminiscent of a freshly cut Christmas tree. Top notes of spearmint and patchouli provide a pleasing freshness and warmth to this holiday classic. Everyone will love this traditional Christmas Tree scent! (Infused with natural essential oils)

About The Label:
With gifts under the tree, decorations up, glistening lights, and shiny gold accents, the scene of Christmas Morning on this label is one you'll want to keep on display all season long! The traditional design resonates with memories from years past, and sets the scene for many wonderful holidays to come.

About The PRIZES!!!

I Was Naughty (14% of candles)
Enjoy the wonderful and authentic scent of Christmas Tree while discovering your jewelry of choice with no additional prizes. 

I Was Nice (86% of candles)
Included with your jewelry of choice, discover additional jewelry, free product or other bonus prizes. We love our loyal customers and have been very generous this season with a very high percentage of rewards. We hope you enjoy!
  • Win a bonus piece of jewelry matching your selection/size (24% of Candles)
  • Win a high value coupon worth 50%, 40% or 30% your next order (52% of Candles)
  • Win Free Product: Candles, Tarts, Party Candles or Party Tarts (10% of Candles)
  • Win one of our many Bonus Prizes below!

If you were "Really Nice" our bonus prizes may find you...

  • JIC Party Candles (18 units)
  • JIC Party Tarts (100+ units)
  • Xbox One Console (3 units)
  • PS4 Console (3 units)
  • Nintendo Wii U 32GB (3 units)
  • 32" LED TV (3 units)
  • 42" LED TV (3 units)
  • Sony 20MP Digital Camera (12)
  • Apple iPod Touch 16GB (6 units)
  • FitBit Activity Wristband (6 units)
  • Amazon Kindle 6" 4GB (6 units)
  • $50 iTunes Gift Card (12 units)
  • $100 JIC Gift Card (12 units)
(Bonus rewards must be claimed by 02/28/15)


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