Fresh Cut Wood & Cashmere Candle and Tart with jewelry hidden inside!

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Cashmere - Candles & Tarts 
Wrap yourself in this traditional, worldly fragrance! With a tangerine top-tone and middle tones of vanilla cashmere, soft sandalwood and amber, this combination of scents is the perfect essence of this relaxing but lively scent.
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Fresh Cut Wood - Candles & Tarts
Let the aroma of freshly chopped wood fill your home. Brawny notes of balsam, cinnamon, cedar, earthly sandalwood as well as subtle wholesome tones of patchouli and violet will liven your senses.
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Eucalyptus Mint and Snow Blanket Scented Candles and Tarts Release!

Snow Blanket 
Candles and tarts with a jewel hidden inside!
 Releasing 01/20 at 7pm EST 
Feel the enchantment of a first winter’s snow! Top notes of Argentine lemon and sweet coconut milk lead into middle tones of snowdrop flowers, fragrant patchouli and aromatic sandalwood. Vanilla, amber and musk subtly finish off this cool scent. Experience the serenity of this winter wonderland; no need for coats and sleds!

 Candles and tarts with a prize hidden inside!
 Releasing 01/20 at 7PM EST
Sit back and relax your mind and body, you deserve it! Top notes of refreshing mint and natural soothing eucalyptus plant are combined with middle tones of hyacinth and the natural perfume of sweet-smelling flowers. These present with a dry base of musk and flavorful Vanilla make it an aromatherapy that will help you unwind after a busy day!



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Atlantic Shore Candle
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Atlantic Shore Tarts
TARTS: $12.76

Scent Description:
 Imagine a light, refreshing, Atlantic Ocean breeze gently blowing through your hair, as you traipse barefoot along the sandy shoreline through the cool water. The nearby scent of balsam drifts through the air, enveloping you in its restorative, stimulating aroma as you enjoy your quiet evening walk.
Scent Throw:

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Pink Flame JIC Premium Collection

 Discover the latest styles in high quality jewelry from .925 (sterling silver) to solid gold with precious gems. Stay tuned as we launch jewelry from the nations finest jewelry companies.

Charm America has been captivating their customers with beautiful charm necklaces for more than thirty years! Since 1979, Charm America has maintained a position as the cutting edge manufacturer of fine jewelry made in the USA. Making use of the latest  technology paired with timeless experience and traditional hand-finishing techniques, Charm America creates some of the finest charm necklaces, pendants and jewelry.
Watch the Short Clip below to learn more about  
Pink Flame JIC Premium Collection Charm America.
A perfect blend of premium scent and exceptional jewelry!

OUR FIRST CANDLE IS....  Essence of Jasmine
Create a calming and alluring atmosphere with the dainty, floral fragrance of Essence of JasmineThe exotic blend of freshly cut jasmine flowers with base notes of rose petals 
will relieve your stresses and evoke an affectionate mood that lasts long after the flame has been blown out.
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