Fresh Cut Wood & Cashmere Candle and Tart with jewelry hidden inside!

Attention Jewelry In Candle Fans!
Tonight at 7PM EST JIC will be releasing not one but two new scents at www.scentswithgifts.com. Keep Reading to learning more about these two new scents coming to JIC!
Cashmere - Candles & Tarts 
Wrap yourself in this traditional, worldly fragrance! With a tangerine top-tone and middle tones of vanilla cashmere, soft sandalwood and amber, this combination of scents is the perfect essence of this relaxing but lively scent.
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Fresh Cut Wood - Candles & Tarts
Let the aroma of freshly chopped wood fill your home. Brawny notes of balsam, cinnamon, cedar, earthly sandalwood as well as subtle wholesome tones of patchouli and violet will liven your senses.
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