Sweet scents coming to JIC this tuesday at 7pm EST

Banana Cream Pie
 Yum! Savor the delightfully, sweet aroma of freshly made banana cream pie. Hints of apple, juicy pears, vanilla extract and buttered rum smells so good you can almost taste it! 
(REMINDER: Don't eat the wax.) Natural soy Banana Cream Pie scented candles and tarts

Sugar Cookie - Re-Release
Whether decorated with sprinkles or with icing, sugar cookies are a dessert near and dear to everyone's heart! Whether you cover the kitchen with flour to make your own memories or get them bakery fresh, make sure you enjoy them with a glass of iced cold milk! Light buttery, lemon notes lead into sweet, creamy, vanilla goodness. Get them while they're still warm! Natural soy Sugar cookie scented candles and tarts

Releasing Tuesday at 7pm est at www.scentswithgifts.com

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