New Release coming 03/31: Tulips


Among the most beloved spring flowers, this sweet, floral scent will fill your senses with the pleasant aroma of a fresh bouquet of tulips. True-to-scent and wonderfully realistic, you will be captured in pure tulip bliss. Natural Soy Tulip scented candles and tarts.

Release Date: 3/31 at 7:00 pm EST. at www.scentswithgifts.com


Fresh Pear Scent Release 03/24/15

Fresh Pear 
Candles and Tarts

Imagine taking a bite into a juicy, sweet pear on a summers day! The wonderful, sweet smell of ripened pears with cooling base notes of fresh greenery will fill any room. Hand-picked from the branch just for you. 
Infused with natural essential oils
Releasing tonight at 7PM EST at www.scentswithgifts.com in NEW RELEASES


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Hope you had a wonderful Saint Patrick's Day and remember to wear your green! Sorry I am a day or two behind. My daughter is a month in a half now and our family have been extremely busy. I have been handling her and starting a new full time job, then got knocked out for a day due to a severe migraine but I am back  and feeling better! Her daddy has been working, going to his classes, and helping take care of her when he can. 

Well enough about me....this Tuesday we had a new release just in time for SPRING! It is now available to order.  Check it our below...

Flower Shop

candles and tarts

Just like walking into a flower shop! Transform your home with the heavenly aroma of fresh-cut flowers, beautiful blossoms and green stems. An intoxicating blend of refreshing and subtly sweet floral scents. Natural Flower Shop scented candles and tarts

Get it today at www.scentswithgifts.com 


Limited Edition EASTER CANDLE!

Easter (Jelly Bean)

Hop on into spring with this delicious candy coated  mix! 
Grab a whiff of sweet and fruity jelly beans. 
Top notes of wild cherry, ripe peaches and tangy strawberry are balanced with 
cinnamon and smooth vanilla in this irresistible Easter fragrance.
Infused with natural essential oils.
Release Date: 3/10 at 7:00 pm EST. at www.scentswithgifts.com
Limited Edition (available through 04/05)


Fool Me or Fool Me Not Candle with bonus prizes!

Fool Me or Fool Me Not

featuring Men's rings and Ladies jewelry 
Release Date: 3/6 at 11:59 pm EST.
Limited Edition (available through 4/1/15)  
* Monthly coupons not valid*

Lemon Drops and Mango Tangerines dance around, up and down as the candle maker pours each one leaving a surprise to be found.... wondering where they will stop and what scent will be on top! Burn, Reveal & Repeat to discover if bonus prizes find you

The Scent:
Fresh mango, ripe tangerine or zesty lemon drop, which of these scents will you find on top? Don’t be fooled by this unique double layered candle! One half mango & tangerine and another half lemon drop with hints of grapefruit come together to create a fun fruity fusion. Subtle notes of papaya, peach and creamy coconut complete this tropical fragrance.  

  • Win a bonus piece of jewelry matching your selection/size
  • Win a high value coupon worth 40-50% off your next order
  • Win Free Candles and Tarts

Discover Hundreds Of Bonus Prizes! 

  • A Walt Disney World 5 Day Vacation for 2 including airfare, accommodations, meal plan and park tickets!
  • Jewelry valued at hundreds to thousands of dollars
  • 42" & 32" LED TVs
  • BlueRay DVD players
  • ​Home Theater Systems
  • Movietickets.com Gift Cards
  • TicketMaster Gift Cards
  • Netflix Gift Cards
  • Redbox Gift Cards
  • JIC Party Candles & Party Tarts
  • $50 & $100 JIC Gift Cards
(Bonus rewards and codes must be claimed by 05/31/15)



Who will be the lucky winner to this $1,200 diamond ring?

Guess what time it is again?!? 

Let the countdown begin!
One lucky winner will win a $1,200 diamond ring from Jewelry In Candles.

Photo of ring is below:

How to win:
Be the JIC rep or customer to place order #500,000 and you win this diamond ring!!!
Shop now at www.scentswithgifts.com for your chance to win!
We close to having us a winner!


NEW Releases. Coming 03/03/15 at 7pm(EST)

New scents coming to Jewelry In Candles March 3rd 2015 at 7PM EST

Pure Incense (Dragon's Blood)
The deep, smoky scent of pure Dragon’s Blood incense will relax the senses and warm up any space. Savor the rich top notes of orange and clove, relax with middle notes of cedar, rose and patchouli and unwind completely with end notes of wood. Natural soy Pure Incense scented candles and tarts.


Pink Champagne
Pop open a bottle of bubbly champagne and get ready for a celebration! Savor the delicious mix of effervescent citrus notes boosted by a hint of fragrant lilies and crisp cider. It will be a romantic and enticing celebration you will not want to miss.