NEW Releases. Coming 03/03/15 at 7pm(EST)

New scents coming to Jewelry In Candles March 3rd 2015 at 7PM EST

Pure Incense (Dragon's Blood)
The deep, smoky scent of pure Dragon’s Blood incense will relax the senses and warm up any space. Savor the rich top notes of orange and clove, relax with middle notes of cedar, rose and patchouli and unwind completely with end notes of wood. Natural soy Pure Incense scented candles and tarts.


Pink Champagne
Pop open a bottle of bubbly champagne and get ready for a celebration! Savor the delicious mix of effervescent citrus notes boosted by a hint of fragrant lilies and crisp cider. It will be a romantic and enticing celebration you will not want to miss.

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